Kindle Fire HDX 7 teardown shows LG display, low repairability

Don't purchase the Kindle Fire HDX 7 expecting to be able to repair its inner bits on your own – that's what iFixit is suggesting this morning as they make with the relatively low 3 of 10 score for repairability on this machine. The Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch display up front, it was discovered, was made by LG, working with a device number LG LD070WU2-SM01. If that wasn't enough excitement for you, wait until you see how intense its touchscreen technology is – a real-deal Synaptics S7301B!

Popping open this particular Kindle Fire isn't an exercise in ease. The company did not intend for users – common users like you or I – to be opening the device up in the first place. This is a tablet meant to be worked with from the front, not from the inside. The folks at iFixit make it their mission to take this machine apart, though, to see how easy (or in this case, difficult) it is to remove and replace parts.

What you'll find here is the machine coming apart relatively easily when you've got the right tools. The common user does not often have such precise tools and knowhow in getting these parts apart, so it's not going to be an everman task. Replacing parts will be a mission in replacing entire units, rather than individual tiny bits.

We've also got a full Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch review for you to have a peek at, if you'd like to see this machine from its frontside. Inside you'll find a wild variety of hardware you'll never otherwise need to know about – up front you've got a high-quality tablet made to allow you access to the Amazon world of media and apps. Have a peek and see what you make of it.