Kindle app updated for iPhone 4 Retina Display

Chris Davies - Jun 23, 2010
Kindle app updated for iPhone 4 Retina Display

Amazon has quickly pushed out an updated version of their Kindle for iOS app [iTunes link], boosting the ereader software to properly support the 960 x 640 Retina Display of the new iPhone 4.  The app, a free download, allows for wireless sync with Amazon’s Kindle ereaders and other versions on different platforms; however, according to user feedback, while it’s labeled as “iOS 4 Tested” it isn’t actually set up to deal with Apple’s multitasking system as yet.

According to a new user review for the latest version of Kindle for iPhone, v2.1.1, opening up the app on an iOS4 device takes you back to the start, rather than the page you were last reading.  That sounds like the sort of thing that should be taken care of by Whispernet functionality, so we’re a little confused as to how iOS4 multitasking is confusing matters.

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