Kindle App For HP TouchPad Released

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Amazon has finally released the much-anticipated Kindle app for the HP TouchPad, allowing owners of the 9.7-inch webOS slate to access their existing ebook library as well as purchase new titles. Fresh to the App Catalog, the new beta is so new that Amazon doesn't even list it on its Kindle app page yet.

As with other platforms, the Kindle app for the TouchPad offers a range of screen colors, font types and sizes, as well as support for page-turn animations (which can be turned off if you find them distracting). In landscape orientation, two pages are shown, while a single page is visible in portrait orientation. WhisperSync is used to keep all copies of your ebook up to date with reading progress, notes and highlights.

Unfortunately, the Kindle beta for webOS is currently locked to the US version of the App Catalog, which means that even though the TouchPad went on sale in other locations, like the UK, earlier this month, right now they can't officially download the ereader software. HP says it will have more information on availability soon, though there's no public timescale for its release.