Kindle 2 web-browsing over USB

The Kindle 2 may present itself as a straightforward way to read ebooks, but delve under the cover and there's a tweak-friendly debug mode waiting to be tinkered with.  New Kindle 2 owner Jesse has been looking through, and came across a new USB networking facility that wasn't present on the original Kindle; with that, he's managed to surf the internet on the ebook reader without using its in-built 3G.

Note that this isn't a way to use the Kindle 2's integrated Sprint connection to go online with a connected laptop.  That's not something Amazon would be pleased with, and as Jesse points out "Amazon know where you live. They know your Kindle's serial number and thanks to the built in GPS, they know where you are right now."

Full instructions are on Jesse's site, though right now it's more of a "because we can" project.  After all, if you have a computer sat nearby, you may as well browse on that. 

[via MobileRead]