Kindle 2 gets a ColorWare makeover

Amazon's Kindle 2 may still not have a color display option, but you can certainly brighten up your ebook experience courtesy of ColorWare.  The infamous inkers are now offering a color customization option for the Kindle 2, with solid and metallic options and the ability to mix and match controls and different areas of the casing.

ColorWare treat the front bezel, rear top and bottom, buttons and keys as different sections, and each of which can be colored differently.  Leaving the rear bottom panel brushed metal costs nothing, but you can have that colored too for $25 more.  Unfortunately whether the design is tasteful or not is all up to you, so try not to come up with anything too outlandish (especially if you ever want to sell the Kindle!)

Pricing for the color treatment starts at $199 if you're sending in your own Kindle 2, or ColorWare will sell you a new ebook reader already customized for $599.  That's a fair chunk of change on top of the Kindle 2 itself, but such is the price you pay for being special; delivery takes around 2-3 weeks.

[via Krunker]