Killer Drone is a chainsaw-wielding, snowman-killing drone

It's a drone unlike any other, and it recently went on a rampage in the snowy fields of Finland, killing icicles and snowmen alike. It's called Killer Drone, and it is equipped with a full-sized, fully remote operated chainsaw able to cut through anything the drone gets close to. Is it awesome? Yes, yes it is. It is also potentially lethal, and so as mom and your terrified neighbors would say, please don't try this at home.

The Killer Drone is a large multi-rotor drone of some sort equipped with a chainsaw which, after destroying trees, snowmen, and ice, meets its destructive end from a meager balloon — the popped latex got tangled up in a couple rotors, and being unable to hold up the chainsaw's weight without them, the drone plummeted to the ground.

We don't know much about the team who created Killer Drone — the YouTube description merely says "Crazy Finnish farmers." While it's the first drone we've seen capable of fighting a hoard of zombies, it's not the first to be crafted into something different. There's the Star Destroyer drone we saw around this time last year, for example, resembling one of the large spacecraft from Star Wars

Similarly fantastic is the Speeder Bike drone, which is a quadcopter drone equipped with a miniature trooper and model speeder bike. In action, it looks like the real thing. Check out the timeline below for more drone news!