Star Destroyer is latest Star Wars replica drone

Another Star Wars drone has surfaced today, and it is the brainchild of "Olivier C", the same creator behind the Millennium Falcon and TIE Interceptor drones we've seen in the recent past. The production quality is just as top-notch as the past creations, and as with them it is able to fly around the same as any other quad-copter. The replica's creator has shown off the entire construction process in a gallery we have for you after the jump, and has shown off the final product in action via his YouTube account.

Olivier C posted the video featured below today on his YouTube account, saying that the Star Destroyer shown in it includes a Prophecy 335 quadcopter with a custom frame made of carbon and aluminum, as well as some T-Motors brand motors and speed controllers, a LiPo battery, and some other assorted hardware.

If you're interested in making one yourself, you can find details and inspiration in Olivier's Imgur gallery for the Star Destroyer, where the blueprints, cutouts, and construction process are shown in a series of several images.

Future details and additional pictures are also detailed in Olivier's build log over on RC Groups' forum, where builders will be able to get more help on the process. For additional Star Wars news, be sure to hit up our related tag portal, then check out the timeline below!

SOURCE: Gizmodo