KFC's new mobile gimmick is a photo-printing bucket

These days, fastfood chains are thinking up of unusual and sometimes bizarre marketing stunts to appeal to today's mobile generation? Remember the Pizza Hut projector box in Hong Kong? Or how about KFC's Bluetooth keyboard food tray? It seems that the latter is at it again. Its Canadian branch will soon be celebrating its 60th anniversary and to honor that memory, it is going to help their devoted customers make their own memories. How? By turning their boring chicken buckets into instant photo printing machine.

It's not really rocket science. It's bucket science, as KFC calls it. These days, photo printers can be found in even smaller packages than these. KFC's idea puts the photo printer at the bottom of a rather tall bucket. Called the Memories Printer, this bucket can connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth and the accompanying app will take care of the communication between the two. Simply tap on the photos you want to print and wait for the magic to happen.

Although technically feasible, it almost has the makings of a well-planned elaborate hoax, but KFC Canada isn't playing chicken. Over at its Facebook page, it has indicated that this is a real thing but a super limited edition only. Only a very few lucky customers will be able to get their hands on one. Mechanics of the marketing stint, however, is still unknown.

Unlike the keyboard food tray, this seems to be designed to be taken home and reused. Maybe for food other than chicken even. It isn't clear if the printer half of the bucket can be detached (unlikely) or what kind of photo paper can be used. It wouldn't be surprising, though, if it's the same standard Instax film widely used nowadays.