KeyWe game trailer delivers kiwi birds Jeff and Debra

This week the folks behind the tiny baby bird game KeyWe announced the release date for their title on Nintendo Switch. If you're a fan of Untitled Goose Game but wanted to play a game as a significantly smaller bird, KeyWe might be the title you've been looking for. You can customize your birdies – you can give them different costumes!

The difference between this game and Untitled Goose Game isn't just in the size of the bird. Where in Untitled Goose Game you play the part of a mischievous goose, in KeyWe you play the part of a pair kiwi birds named Jeff and Debra. One kiwi named Debra, and another named Jeff – solving puzzles at work!

You solve puzzles with Jeff and Debra, making it possible to send mail in a mailroom. It's sort of like one of the most awesome scenes in Men in Black II, but... with animals instead of aliens. This game will give the user the opportunity to "jump, flap, peck, and butt-slam your way across an interactive landscape of levers, bells, and buttons – and get those messages delivered on time."

Above you'll see a trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of the game. You'll see our heros as well as Zuni the octopus in full effect. You'll also see the pre-purchase early bird bonus bits – they look pretty neat.

Per the folks at StoneWheat, KeyWe has an "Early Bird Pack" special on Nintendo Switch now. You'll get a Zuni, Cassowary Cowl, Buck's Big Bushy Beard, and an Experimental Postal Pack. You'll be given the opportunity to unlock bonus objectives and extra stamps, too.

The game KeyWe will eventually be available PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Microsoft Windows, MacOS, and Nintendo Switch! You'll be able to download the game on August 31, 2021.