Keyboard keys used for Cellphone charms

Abby McVay - Jan 4, 2008

Who knew that someone could make the keys off of a keyboard actually mean something besides their original intended use. Like bracelets with secret meanings each key has a cute little definition that comes with it.

The Enter key is intended to become the symbol of your determination, the Shift key are for those that wish for a change, Esc key is to break away from captivity and the Ctrl key when pressed with other keys it performs specific functions. I know, that Ctrl key, the meaning is so incredibly deep. I had to rethink my life after that truly astounding translation.

The keys come in two different colors, either black or white. To get one of these incredibly geek chic cellphone charms it will only cost you $8 a piece.

Enter, Shift, Esc and Ctrl Cell Phone Straps for geeky divas [via gizmodiva]

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