Ken Block's Gymkhana 5 has Ford Fiesta tearing up a real San Francisco

The video you're about to partake in has the driving showman known as Ken Block taking a few fine minutes out of his day to rip up some blocked-off main roads of a major metropolitan area. Right across a major suspension bridge and down into the guts of San Francisco goes Block in his video Gymkhana 5. With his own Ford Fiesta Hybrid Function Hoonage Vehicle (HFHV), Block displays some on-point jumps, drifts, and one whole heck of a lot of speedy driving.

You'll find that this 650 horsepower vehicle that Block drives is more than ready to cruise at unheard-of speeds through the city streets in a collection of ways only otherwise possible in a video game. You've got GoPro cameras mounted in the car and on the car, stationary cameras at hundreds of locations along the roadway, and a helicopter cam as well, of course.

Once again note that these roads were completely blocked off when this driving was taking place, and that without express permission from the city, none of this would have been even remotely possible. The San Francisco Bay area has never seen something as wild as this on four wheels – and splattered with Monster green and a heavy push for DC shoes, too!

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