Keanu Reeves Motorcycle: ARCH and the sissy bar

Chris Burns - Sep 17, 2014, 1:47 pm CDT
Keanu Reeves Motorcycle: ARCH and the sissy bar

It’s like whoa. The ARCH Motorcycle Company has unveiled their newest machine, the KRGT-1, a motorcycle with a rather unique style. It’s got a back-story too. One that includes Keanu Reeves, a sissy bar, and a dream for a next-generation American V-twin with “the perfect balance of performance and design.”

The story begins at a place called LA County Choprods. Back in the year 2007, Actor/Motorcycle Enthusiast Keanu Reeves approached LA County Choprods’ owner Gard Hollinger to pick up one key piece for his “near-stock V-twin cruiser.”

Several of the bikes built at LA County Choprods can be seen in the gallery below:

That key piece Keanu Reeves wanted was a sissy bar – essentially a backrest for the motorcycle rider, so named for the less-than-burly fears traditionally associated with those that’d otherwise fear falling off. Usually they’re made for a passenger.

But that’s of little concern now. It’s the result that matters – the formation of a prototype motorcycle that’d launch the ARCH Motorcycle Company.


Now Hollinger and Reeves are founders of the ARCH Motorcycle Company and are ready to present the new custom-production KRGT-1. This motorcycle is manufactured in one location only, the ARCH Los Angeles area factory.

There it’ll be built custom-order for an initial offering price of $78,000 USD. As you can imagine, production will be extremely limited.

Each bike works with 200 parts created at the ARCH factory. Because of this and the precision finishing involved in creating the bike, each bike requires 300-plus machine-hours with state-of-the-art CNC machinery and water-jet machinery.

Those that wish to order one of these unique motorcycles will need to wait 90 days from receipt of deposit as each bike is made. The ARCH Motorcycle Company KRGT-1 will be available immediately if not soon.

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