Kano gets an upgrade with Raspberry Pi 2

This week the folks behind the kid-aimed Kano computer-building kit have brought an upgraded package to market. The newest version of Kano comes with a Raspberry Pi 2. Along with it comes six times the load speed. Those with the first version of the Kano build-your-own computer kit now have access to the Powerup Kit, an extension pack for Raspberry Pi 1 users that makes the Kano kit faster and able to work with brand new creations. This kit is available from the Kano crew as of this week.

The Powerup Kit is made for those users that already have a Kano kit. If you've been playing with Kano since the beginning, the Powerup Kit will bring you to the next level with Pi 2, repurposing then the Pi 1 into an "Internet-of-Things toolkit for beginners."

"It comes with a step-by-step storybook to learn electronics and networking through maker projects: a Minecraft server, a Pac-Man game, an LED alarm clock, and more." The Powerup Kit is available from Kano for $89 with free shipping.

The New Kano – as this Raspberry Pi 2 version is called – will be made available for $149 USD with free shipping. This device is available with May shipping – so right this minute if you do so wish!

Kano also announced a cool $15 million in Series A funding. They'll be raising up to $500,000 of its new round from its community through Quire. Quire is an equity crowd-funding platform working inside Betaworks.

The larger part of the $15 million comes from Breyer Capital with participation from Collaborative Fund and Jim, O'Nieil.

"Kano is enabling and empowering the next generation of innovators with a truly delightful educational product that makes basic computing skills accessible for all," said Jim Breyer, founder and chief executive officer of Breyer Capital.

"The global opportunity for Kano, and the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young people around the world, is enormous. I am proud to support Kano at this exciting time in the company's development."