Kaleidescape To Gain Blu-Ray Playback And Probably Ripping Too

The massive and high-dollars Kaleidescape media systems will add a new player sometime next year to support a few more media formats, better playback quality from DVD, online content and Blu-Ray playback. The new player will support existing media server with no additional software licensing fees increment even with the addition of Blu-Ray, but the studio may impose additional fees to archive Blu-Ray content.

They didn't disclose similar plan for HD-DVD but fairly confident that the first release will support up to 5 simultaneous Blu-ray playbacks and possibility up to 20 in the future. But don't think for a minute there you can afford one, their cheapest system starts up at $9,999 and Kaleidescape says to expect the price on new blu-ray player around their Movie Player 2 model, which is somewhere around $7000.

[via cepro]