Kaleidescape 1U For All Your Movies And Music

For movie and music buffs with massive collections of media and money, there is a great way to organize everything from Kaleidescape. Their systems have been around, but have not been somewhat affordable till now with their mass market release of their entry-level Kaleidescape system. The system consists of servers, music, and movie players that can be combined in any number of ways to deliver movies and music seamlessly throughout your home.

As they put it: "Next Generation Kaleidescape Products Reach Broader Audience.

The new Kaleidescape product line-up includes an entry-level Kaleidescape System priced significantly lower than the any previous Kaleidescape System. At the heart of this new System is the super-slim and scalable Kaleidescape 1U Server. The new Movie Player 2 features a built-in CD/DVD combo drive that allows you to import the entertainment you own or view DVDs you rent or borrow. This next generation of Kaleidescape products enables the Kaleidescape Experience to be more accessible and flexible than ever before."

But this more affordable entry-level system of their's still costs upwards in the $8000 range. So if you also want to organize or clean out your massive collection of money, then just hand the cash over to Kaleidescape.

Kaleidescape 1U – media for the masses? [Via: RedFerret]