Kaleidescape reveals Modular Disc Vault for Blu-ray movies

In May of this year Kaleidescape unveiled a couple new media players for streaming flicks all around your home called the M500 and the M300. The company has announced a new device called the Modular Disc Vault that works with either the M500 or M300 to allow the importation of Blu-ray flicks that can be played back in any room of the home.

The Modular Disc Vault holds 100 Blu-ray discs and connects with a USB cable to the players. The user can have as many of the MDVs as they want on the home network, but each must be connected to a M300 or M500 player to work. The MDV imports digital copies of the Blu-ray films and stores them for instant playback and the user can watch any of the films they want without having to mess with a disc.

The system automates the entire importing process and has a front slot for the discs. The MDV sells for $1495 and can be purchased now. The user has to have the M300 or M500 to use the MDV as well. The M300 is $2495 and the M500 is $3995.