Kaleidescape offers new M500 and M300 Blu-ray players

Kaleidescape is a name we have heard before, the company offers the Mini media server that landed in the UK last April. The company has now announced a pair of new players called the M500 and the M300.

The M500 is by far the most interesting of the pair and can copy Blu-ray and DVD films onto a server as well as copying CDs to a server. Once the M500 copies the content onto a server it can be played back on the M500 player itself or on the M300 player.

The M500 combines with the M300 create the world's first multi-zone server for Blu-ray content. Right now, the Blu-ray disc has to be in the tray of the M500 for the film to play on other players in the home. However, the company reports that it is working on a disc loader to make playing Blu-ray content back easier and to allow for bulk imports. The M300 player sells for $2495 and the M500 is $3995 (ouch!) and both will ship on May 18.