JVC GC-PX10 Brings PX1 Hybrid Camera To US This Month

JVC's GX-PX1 hybrid camera/camcorder has found itself a US release date and price as the JVC GC-PX10, with the distinctive big-barreled shooter expected to drop later in October for a hefty $899.95. Capable of shooting both 12-megapixel stills and Full HD 1920 x 1080/60p video at up to 36Mbps, as well as super-slow-motion 300fps footage and more, the GC-PX10 is based around JVC's FALCONBRID processor, and can simultaneously capture 8.3-megapixel photos and Full HD video.

If that wasn't enough, there's ISO6400 support and the ability to fire off 8.3-megapixel (3840 x 2160) stills images at a ridiculous 60 shots-per-second – up to a maximum of 130 shots total per burst – or 12-megapixel stills at 30 frames-per-second. Super-slow-motion video, meanwhile, can be recorded for two full hours, though only at VGA resolution.

Optical image stabilization, a 10x optical zoom and white balance, aperture and shutter controls for manual use round out the main specs, while there's a 3-inch posable touchscreen for control and SDXC/SDHC memory card support. An HDMI port and 32GB of internal storage are also present. Interesting stuff, and JVC is likely to find a few buyers when the GC-PX10 goes on sale sometime in October, even with that $899.95 price tag.