JVC Full HD 3D unibody consumer projector “coming next”

Chris Davies - Jan 7, 2010

There’s plenty of 3D action to be had at CES 2010 already, but if you can wait a little longer JVC have something new up their sleeve.  While at the JVC stand SlashGear A/V expert Daniel Lim managed to tease out confirmation that the company has a consumer range Full HD unibody 3D projector – similar to the LG CF3D – “coming next”.

That’s particularly interesting, because so far JVC’s dual-4k2k projector setup for 3D use has been well outside of the budget for a typical home-theater enthusiast.  JVC couldn’t – or wouldn’t – give us any more details, but with the LG projector coming in at $10k when it drops May 2010 we’re expecting JVC will look to match that sort of price tag and specification.

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