JVC DLA-HD750 And DLA-RS10 Get New Twist, Boasts Native Contrast And Brightness

As if the original specification weren't impressive enough, the beamer-squad at JVC went back to drawing board; squeezed 67% more contrast and 13% more light to the highly anticipated JVC HD 150 announced at CEDIA early this month. The new specifications are 50,000:1 native contrast and 900 lumens as oppose to 30,000:1 and 800 lumens. Similar revises were announced for the more affordable DLA-RS10 with 32,000:1 contrast, 1000 lumens compare to original speciation of 17,000:1 contrast and 800 lumens.

The improvement came from the newly developed 16-step fixed aperture and 3-step fixed aperture as featured in these two projectors. It reduced light leakage and eliminated extraneous light that can reduce contrast levels and allows adjustment of brightness to suit user preferences. The additional technical changes enough to raise your eyebrows? You better save up, The JVC DLA-RS10 and JVC DLA-HD 750 will be available this November with less than $6,000 and $8,000 respectively.