JVC Announces THX Certified Home Theater Projectors, D-ILA HD350 and D-ILA HD750

Daniel Lim - Sep 4, 2008

CEDIA is one of the most exciting events of the year for projector lovers, all the new beamers will be announced with latest technology and electrifying features. My top pick is always JVC and they have been on the top of the game for years. How so? All of their D-ILA home theater projectors have managed to achieve unprecedented contrast ratios without the use of an auto iris, from the award-wining RS1, RS2 and now with newly announced HD350, HD750.

The newest HD350 and HD750 is both THX Certified with 800 ANSI Lumens and native contrast ratios of 30,000:1! Image processor is now featuring silicon optix HQV Reon VX processor instead of Gennum VXP. The physical size is more compact and slimmer. The core feature of all is the additional of full color temperature adjustment and a color management system (CMS) for enthusiast looking for much accurate color and grayscale settings but only the HD750 will a full 3D color management (RGBCYM) controls for the primary and secondary colors.

Other features includes HDMI version 1.3 (Deep Color/CEC), a new high performance, premium 2x motorized zoom lens with ±80 percent vertical and ±34 percent horizontal motorized lens shift function . An external 12V trigger can be used to trigger electronic screen or used with an optional anamorphic wide screen lens system.

The DLA-HD350, available in either glossy piano black or glossy white for less than $6000, and the DLA-HD750, available in a pearl black finish for less than $8000, will be available in November through JVC Company of America.

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