JVC 4K2K RS4000 3D test screening

Daniel Lim - Jan 8, 2010
JVC 4K2K RS4000 3D test screening

After exclusively telling us yesterday that a Full HD 3D unibody consumer projector is “coming next” in their line-up, JVC asked if we wanted to try out the 3D experience they currently have on offer at CES 2010.  Screenings are being shown in a specially-constructed dark theater room which seats around 40-50 people, and the hardware on offer included a JVC D-ILA HD990, a single JVC DLA-RS4000 4K as well as a pair of RS4000 4k for the 3D footage.  Check out our impressions after the cut.

JVC kicked off with a clip from the film Couples Retreat projected onto a 10-foot wide 16:9 aspect 1.3 gain screen, and frankly the image is stunning, completely blowing away the RS2 we use to benchmark projectors.  Shifting to a 16-foot 16:9 screen and the single DLA-RS4000 4k, JVC showed various clips of Japan filmed with a 4k video camera.  Here, detail and color particularly shone, with an instant boost in brightness and image quality when they switched from the HD990 to the RS4000.

Last up was the 3D test, which required dual 4k projectors and a special 3D-enabled projection screen.  Obviously we had to wear anaglyph paper glasses to see the 3D effect, and while there was no noticeable loss of image quality we did at times see a hint of red/cyan double image on 3D objects.  At times there was a little eye-strain and discomfort, too, which we hadn’t noticed when watching the home-grade 3D HDTVs JVC are showing on the CES showfloor.  Frankly, given the price of setting up two RS4000 4k projectors, until JVC’s unibody version debuts sometime later in 2010 we’d plump for one of the company’s 3D HDTVs if 3D is a must-have.

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