Just5 CP11 senior phone gets screen-popping gimmick [Video]

Just because you're a senior citizen, it doesn't mean you don't want some Matrix-style screen popping action in your cellphone.  Just5 have announced their third super-simple cellphone, the CP11, and it takes the big button interface to its logical conclusion.  Rather than the squashed display of previous Just5 models, a squeeze of the CP11 causes the sizeable monochrome LCD to pop out.Video demo after the cut

That means it still fits in your (admittedly largish) pocket, but you also get the benefit of huge numbers and on-screen graphics.  In fact it's a 2.2-inch panel, versus the 1.6-inch display on the CP10, and the CP11 comes with a docking cradle for easy recharging too.

On the back there's an SOS button that can be programmed to call whichever number you'd prefer, there's a loudspeaker function, and even the user guide is printed in a large font.  No word on pricing as yet, but it's expected to arrive in Russia in Q3 2010 and then North America, Europe and Asia sometime after that.