Junkyard Jumbotron makes instant multi-screen displays [Video]

MIT researchers have developed Junkyard Jumbotron, a way to take multiple devices – whether smartphones, notebooks, tablets or indeed anything else with a browser – and then instantly piece them together into one large display. The app, currently a free beta, uses QR codes to learn where each display is relatively positioned, and then spreads a single image across those multiple screens.Video demo after the cut

The image can be moved around and zoomed by dragging it, either using a touchscreen or mouse depending on what gadget you're using, and you'll obviously need a device with a camera – like the iPhone in the video below – to set things up initially. MIT expects to add video support soon.

It's not the first visual-based screen system we've seen; Qualcomm's AR Digital Frame concept used a similar idea, though the difference is that MIT is allowing anybody to use the Junkyard Jumbotron system.

[via Gizmodo]