July's PlayStation Plus titles make us play the Game of Thrones

As we close out one month and begin to enter another, we are greeted by a fresh batch of incoming PlayStation Plus games. This month, one of the selections coincides with a major event in the TV world: the return of Game of Thrones. Yes, after many months, Game of Thrones will be returning with a new season in just a few short weeks, and one of Sony's free offerings intends to get you excited.Game of Thrones: A Telltale Series will be the first free game available to PlayStation Plus members. While the game is set during the War of Five Kings – one of the major conflicts in the book and television series – you won't be playing as any major characters. Instead, you'll guide the Forrester family as they try to navigate the brutal political conflict and make it out alive.

"Surviving" is definitely the theme of this month's PlayStation 4 games, as Until Dawn will be joining Game of Thrones. In Until Dawn, you'll need to help eight different characters survive the night through quick decision making and exploration. Fans of old school slasher films will almost certainly want to check this out.

July is also a big month in that it will see the launch of That's You, the first game in Sony's new PlayLink line of titles. With PlayLink, the focus is entirely on group play, but the major differentiator is the fact that the other players can control the game with smartphones and tablets. It sounds like That's You – billed as "irreverent" quiz game by Sony – is a perfect first outing for the PlayLink series.

As always, there are two games each up for grabs for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita owners. PS3 players will be getting free copies of Tokyo Jungle and Darkstalkers Resurrection, while PS Vita players can look forward to Don't Die Mr. Robot (which is cross-buy enabled with PS4) and Element4l. These free games will be available on July 4, so if you haven't downloaded June's titles yet, you've got just under a week to do so.