JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick for Superior Pac-Man Playing

So you've got your iPad and you've got your arcade games and you're having tons of fun, but after a while you notice your thumb starting to hurt. Why? Because you're jamming it down way too hard on the surface of the machine! You know what you need? Something awesome. Something three-dee. This is that. This is JOYSTICK-IT, an iPad arcade stick that suction-cups down to your pad and allows you the classic control you never knew you wanted, but are about to know you need! It's a vintage fantasy that fits just so very nice right here in the now!

This joystick also not only works on the iPad of course, it works on whichever kind of capacitive touchscreen you want to use it on (but works best on tablets because it's pretty much giant.) The bulk of the object is made of solid milled-aluminum and the bottom is padded in a way that will not harm your device. And what's best about this thing, other than it's totally awesome and neato looking? It's a ThinkGeek exclusive – invented and designed by ThinkGeek for sale on ThinkGeek! NOTE: Unfortunately JOYSTICK-IT is not in stock yet, but they say they'll have it by the end of this month!

[Via ThinkGeek]