Jony Ive Blue Peter video up now: chatting on gold and aluminium

If you live outside the UK or haven't got access to the Britain-based Blue Peter television program for whatever reason, you'll be glad to see that the full chat they've had this past week with Jony Ive is now available in full. The Blue Peter program hosts a variety of engineers, inventors, and famous people of all kinds and has done so over its record-holding span of years actively broadcast on television. Apple's own Jony Ive's appearance included chats about three different designs created by children who rose to the challenge provided the week before, and showed Ive receiving a special badge in his honor.

The Blue Peter gold badge is a pin, or a button, if you like, that's given by the program to people of particular influence on the design community. As it was given to Ive, so too did he reciprocate with a custom-made large version of the token back to the program. This extra-large Blue Peter badge was made of pure Aluminum – or Aluminium if you're from that side of the sea.

Apple's Chief Designer spoke up about how influential the Blue Peter program was on him as a child as well. He made it clear that he was particularly struck by the way the program took everyday objects and turned them into new, more useful inventions each time they appeared. Re-using objects otherwise seen as throwaway was also mentioned as being especially memorable by Ive.

You'll also notice in the video that the host and Ive are using two iPad minis to work through the segment. It's with these that they watch video presentations of the designs the children have made and make a point to tap through throughout the program. The whole Ive segment, too, takes place inside Apple's own campus in Cupertino – fun stuff!

BONUS – extended edition!

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