Jolla Sailfish OS 1.0 is ready to go global

Jolla has announced that its long anticipated sailfish OS has reached version 1.0. With the operating system reaching the version 1.0 mark, it is now ready to ship globally. Jolla has also announced that its Sailfish OS experience will be available soon as a download for devices running the Google Android OS.

The first Jolla smartphones landed at Finnish carrier DNA last year giving the carrier's customers the first taste of Jolla hardware and software. Jolla says that it has released three significant software updates since the limited availability for its devices began.

The company plans to launch a fourth update at the beginning of March. Jolla says that Sailfish OS is a gesture based operating system that puts easy navigation and live multitasking at the heart of the operating system. Sailfish will support native Sailfish apps and apps designed for the Android operating system.

Jolla says that the interoperability of Android apps in its operating system has improved significantly over the last several month. Jolla also noted that its smartphones are available to order online for 399 euro in all European countries, Switzerland, and Norway. In Finland, the sales of the devices are expanding to other common retail channels in addition to DNA. Jolla devices will land in Russia, India, and Hong Kong in the near future. Jolla plans to release the downloadable Sailfish OS software in phases starting in the first half of 2014.