Joker Racer R/C Server adds internet-based control [Video]

Radio-controlled cars might not seem the most obvious place to mount a server, but JokerWorks disagree: the company has unveiled what they're calling the world's first Linux server for R/C cars, the Joker Racer R/C Server, easily allowing for remote internet-linked control.  To keep things simple, the Joker Racer unit hooks up to the standard servo cables already in the R/C car, together with an off-the-shelf webcam.Video demo after the cut

Inside the box itself is an ARM Cortex A8 processor, WiFi 802.11n, a serial connection for debugging and console connectivity, USB 2.0 port for the webcam and two servo control ports.  The whole thing measures 10 x 6 x 2 cm and draws 3-5W.

Once set up, you can remotely view what the R/C vehicle is seeing, together with control it, from any internet-enabled computer or even your iPhone.  A limited number of units will be released this year – we don't yet know pricing – followed by a full launch in 2010.