John Romero teases us with another new map for Doom

While John Romero was something of a legend in the 90's, we haven't heard too much from Doom's co-creator in a while. Then late last year he teased us with a new Doom level (yes, for the original game) with a promise that something big was coming. Then, on Monday, he and another of Doom's co-creators launched a Kickstarter for Blackroom, a new FPS that promises to be another game changer. Now he's dropped another surprise on us.

Romero's claim to fame was being the level designer from games like Wolfenstein, Doom, and Quake. His designs were imaginative, and far beyond anything we had seen at the time. So once again, he's gone back to his roots and released yet another custom map for the original Doom.

The new level is simply titled E1M4b. In his announcement tweet, Romero said that this this level is "the kind of classic FPS gameplay I'm promising." I have to say, this is a genius move on his part. While Blackroom is still in the very earliest stages of development, there's no good way to show off the game. So instead of doing that, Romero is reaching back to his roots, and showing off an experience that he is trying to create with his new shooter.

At the time of writing, Blackroom has raised a little over $116k of its $700k goal. Considering that the campaign only launched on Monday, I'd say the game is well on its way to being funded. If you want to download the new Doom level, you can grab it here.