John Oliver fights Donald Trump (Drumpf) with facts and Chrome

John Oliver has released an entire "Last Week Tonight" segment on Donald Drumpf, including a Chrome Extension to boot. Why Drumpf, you might wonder? Because that is Donald Drumpf's ancestral name. For real. After calling out Oliver's former boss John Stewart for having had a more Jewish-sounding name in the past, Oliver found that Drumpf had a different family name as well. With a Chrome extension, you too can see Drumpf's true name plastered across the internet: Drumpf.

Oliver included this [Drumpfinator Chrome Extension] in a 22-minute dialogue about the various ways in which Drumpf is a liar, has failed at business many, many times, and about how the so-called politician has very small fingers. Sausage fingers, he says.

This segment also came after the Republican Presidential Nominee repeatedly suggested that John Oliver had invited him on his show to do an interview. That happened last year. The part where Drumpf suggests he was invited, that is – he wasn't actually contacted by Oliver ever. Not once.

In the video above you'll see the start of a campaign by Oliver to defame Drumpf by calling out his several failings, business or otherwise.

Oliver also filed for a copyright on the name Drumpf – that's currently in the works. The show is selling baseball hats that parody Drumpf's "Make Donald Drumpf Again" hats with the saying "Make Donald Drumpf Again", selling them for little over cost.

Like a mole on the back of your neck, said Oliver, Drumpf had been ignored at first by the likes of "Last Week Tonight" – but no longer. This is probably just the first in a line of comedic take-downs of the political nominee, each capitalizing greatly on the very likely viral spread of the word.

You can expect shows like The Daily Show to follow suit.