John Malkovich talks laughter and life in latest Siri ad

John Malkovich has become the latest celebrity to trade voice commands with Apple's Siri, with the Emmy award winning actor featuring in two new adverts for the iPhone 4S. The commercials – which you can watch after the cut – sees Malkovich using the digital personal assistant to plan a night out, being entertained by Siri's dry humor, and then getting philosophical.

"Life" is perhaps the deepest we've seen Siri, at least in commercials. "Try and be nice to people ... read a good book now and then" it suggests, and we're guessing Apple is hoping the actor will opt for an iBooks download to do the latter.


Malkovich isn't the first celebrity to chat with Siri. Apple recently used Samuel L. Jackson in an advert for the digital assistant service, with the Pulp Fiction actor using his iPhone to plan a "date night" complete with organic mushrooms for his risotto.


Nonetheless, while famous people seem happy with Siri, other users have been less impressed. Apple is the target of an ongoing class-action suit, formed by iPhone 4S owners who allege Siri's performance isn't on a par with what the Cupertino company's advertising claims. In return, Apple accused the complainants of purposefully chasing a cash settlement rather than taking the obvious route of seeking a refund.