Joey Brings 360-Degree 4K Video To Your Desktop

Panorama video is a neat concept that you find utilized in the sneakiest of places. Sporting events such as Formula 1 often have a camera mounted on the top that swivels to catch action, but doesn't quite give a sharp 360-degree experience. A new Kickstarter campaign could change that, aiming to bring 4K shooting to your entire field of view.

Joey is a new design, custom built from the ground up to bring what the company behind it describes as "zero-compromise professional quality panoramic camera, allowing capture, broadcast, and live two-way teleconferencing in unprecedented 360º quality at up to 4K resolution." Built on a custom board, Joey's main components of interest are a Snapdragon 800 and 13 megapixel sensor.

The camera can shoot video in full 360-degree mode, and not suffer any degradation of picture quality. Not only for things like concerts or sporting events, Joey also has a strong enterprise angle where the team sees it as a teleconferencing tool.

Joey is Kogeto's progression from Dot, an iPhone add-on that let you shoot in 360-degree and share your videos. According to founder Jeff Glasse, Joey is the reason he started Kogeto to begin with, and now his vision is coming to reality.

The new Kickstarter campaign for Joey is nearly 1/4 funded already, with donation options as low as $25. If you want a Joey, the team says they plan to sell Joey for $1,299 to some early backers — which is 33% off retail.

Source: Kickstarter