Joerg "Zombie Killer" Sprave is back with a saw blade slingshot

Good old Joerg Sprave is back with another deadly and scary slingshot to share with us all. If ever a geek needed to make a cameo in The Walking Dead, this is the guy. His inventions would be the perfect weapons once you run out of bullets during the Zombie Apocalypse. The last time I talked about Sprave he was showing off his machete slingshot. This time around, he has a new slingshot that is flinging blades from a circular saw.

I will say that the machete slingshot gave me a general sense of malaise and this new saw blade flinging device makes me worry more for Sprave's fingers. Look at the vid and tell me the guy wouldn't be minus a few digits with one slightly improper holding technique of this thing. Sprave uses smaller circular saw blades with a wooden dowel in the middle. The surgical style tubing flings the blade down the slingshot and a piece of rubber mounted in a guide rail on top makes the blades spin for stability.

I can just imagine the kind of damage that weapon would do to someone's cranium when he shoots that watermelon with it. The slingshot actually has a lot more range than I thought it would. Each video I see I expect to hear the guy has had some tragic accident afterwards. Check out the video below to see his latest creation in action.