Joby targets action cams with new bendable suction cup mounts

We've seen many products from Joby over the years, such as the MPod and GPod Mini tripods last year and the magnetic Gorillapod from 2010. The company is back again, this time with a flexible mount designed specifically for action cameras: the Suction Cup & Locking Arm, and the Suction Cup & GorillaPod Arm. Unlike magnet-based tripods and mounts, the suction cup varieties can be stuck to just about any surface, whether it is made of metal, plastic, glass, or polished wood.

Both mounts are in Joby's Action Series lineup, with the suction cup feature providing a quick-twist lock for quickly mounting a camera on just about any surface. This makes for a quick setup, and otherwise carries the same benefits as the maker's other mounts. Joby promises the devices offer industrial-strength holds as long as the surface is non-porous and smooth (and, obviously, clean and free of dust).

The Locking Arm mount is ideal for surfaces that could vibrate due to its stabilization, meaning a dashboard, for example, or perhaps a walkway with that vibrates with foot traffic. The GorillaPod is otherwise available for use in places where vibrations aren't a concern, being easily flexible for quickly changing its position.

Both the Suction Cup Locking Arm and the GorillaPod are available now priced at $39.95 and $29.95 respectively. There's support for the GoPro via a special mount, which can be removed to bring compatibility for any action camera that uses a 1/4"-20 tripod mount, including Sony's competing camera, the Action Cam.

SOURCE: PRNewswire