JOBS movie coming to Netflix next year

The JOBS movie starring Ashton Kutcher is seeing a theatrical release today, allowing the general public to finally see the highly-anticipated film on the big screen since being teased with it constantly for the past several months. However, if movie theaters aren't your thing, JOBS will be coming to Netflix next year in the spring.

At best, the reviews of the movie have been mixed so far, so if you're wary about dropping money on seeing it (let alone the cost of a popcorn and soda), waiting it out until it hits streaming services might be the best option for you. However, you'll be waiting quite a while, as JOBS won't hit Netflix until spring next year, according to Open Road Films CEO Tom Ortenberg.

Ortenberg revealed that JOBS would be heading to Netflix during an interview with Bloomberg, where he said that the production company and Netflix signed a deal to have the film be streamed for 18 months on Netflix before its stint would end. So if you wait it out on Netflix, you'll have a year and a half to make sure you watch it.

By that time, though, we should be seeing the Aaron Sorkin version of a Steve Jobs biopic make its way into the ether, which should be a bigger film overall, seeing how Sony is putting it together, although details on the film are bit scarce at this point, with the cast not yet assembled and the script not yet finalized as far as the public knows.

VIA: Cult of Mac