Jobs: iPad ebook price parity with Kindle is coming [Video]

Everyone's favorite bearded-tech-uncle Walt Mossberg caught up with Apple CEO Steve Jobs in the warm afterglow of the iPad launch earlier this week, and pestered him about ebook pricing and battery life in comparison to the Amazon Kindle.  Asked why Apple were pricing ebooks through their new iBooks app were $14.99, compared to the Kindle's $9.99, Jobs said that "that would change", pointing to publishers unhappy with Amazon.Video after the cut

In fact, Jobs says that publishers have been withholding their ebooks from Amazon – perhaps a reference to the spate of delaying tactics announced in December as various firms (some of which Apple announced as content partners for iBooks this week) said they planned to artificially delay releases so as to preserve hardback prices – though he didn't go on to explain whether the settling point would be at $14.99, $9.99 or somewhere in-between.  As for the 10hrs of ebook battery life, Jobs reckons most people aren't going to read for that length of time, and if you are then you can just plug the iPad in.

According to Mossberg, Jobs sought him out in the aftermath of the keynote to highlight the iPad's price; the AllAboutD writer had previously gone on record predicting a $999 sticker, rather than the $499+ price Apple have brought the iPad in at.  Small warning, though; throughout the video Walt's referred to as "The Mossberg" in the third-person, which is more than a little annoying.