J!NX's Gift List Is Fun For Both Sexes

As a female geek I often notice situations that are strongly leaning toward the male geeks. In all fairness sometimes it does get exaggerated a bit by some, but it still does get obnoxious from time to time. Especially when suggested gift lists for girls suggest jewelry and clothes; then the guys is full of Palm Pilots and all kinds of cool toys. Which makes it highly refreshing when I saw this year's Jinx gift list for both girl and guy geeks.

After looking over the links for the always entertaining geek fashion from J!NX, I noticed that both sides have plenty of gift ideas for geeks of either sex. I now have a Christmas list a mile long thanks to J!NX. Of course I don't go for those subtle messages such as leaving a magazine clipping here and there for your significant other to find. I just make a list and tape it to their forehead, I tend to date guys so intelligent subtle hints somehow go right under the radar.

J!NX also has a few key chains, hats and stickers just in case you have your fill of geek t-shirts. I love that they not only have a gaming section, but a WoW gaming section on top of it. It just goes to show how much of a cult WoW has become, just don't drink the kool-aid.

J!NX's WoWmas stuff [via wonderland]