JJ Abrams “Stranger” trailer teases mix of The Crow and Frankenstein

Chris Burns - Aug 19, 2013
JJ Abrams “Stranger” trailer teases mix of The Crow and Frankenstein

The production team known as Bad Robot, synonymous with J.J. Abrams works like Star Trek, have just released a trailer that could as easily be for a remake of The Crow as it could be for a new edition of Frankenstein. While it’s slightly unlikely that it’s either of these – one for one reason and the other for another – there’s always that hope that a group like Bad Robot, one responsible for hit after hit, would take on a title that we’d love to see them take a handle on.

Unfortunately changes are stacked against The Crow as it would appear that the title already has a host of production companies and distributors behind it. There’s also the fact that The Crow – coming in 2014, if you did not know – already has a director, one that’s never worked with Bad Robot in the past.

Having a look at Frankenstein, there are certainly clues to suggest the monster would be tossed in to a new bag of bones in this trailer. The water, the confusion, and the sewn-up flesh near the end of the video. Then again, The Crow saw its fair share of taxidermy – there’s even a sewn-up mouth in the original movie edition of the story.

But lo, this title doth appear to be a horror. There’s also the chance that it could be a follow-up to Cloverfield, bringing in another (much smaller) character from that alternate dimension out to play.

Have a peek at the possibilities in the trailer above and let us know what you’re thinking – this video has so few details surrounding it that you’ll be just as lost as the fellow dropped in the sea you’re seeing.

VIA: Mike Elgan; Bad Robot

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