JetBlue names its WiFi service "Fly-Fi", coming later this year

JetBlue first announced that it would be bringing in-flight WiFi to its fleet of aircrafts back in 2011, but we have yet to see anything from the airline at this point, although they announced back in September that free in-flight WiFi would be available soon. The project is still making progress, though, as the company has announced the name of their WiFi service, as well as a few other details.

During an analyst event, JetBlue announced that they will be calling their in-flight WiFi service "Fly-Fi," a clever play on words with "Fly" and "WiFi." The service will be powered by Exede Internet, which is owned by ViaSat. JetBlue hasn't given a launch date yet, but they hope to have their first WiFi-enabled flight take off sometime later this year.

JetBlue also teased the new service, by releasing a video that demonstrates the speed of their new WiFi service compared to other top WiFi providers like Gogo, Row 44, and Panasonic's own service. Of course, JetBlue boasts that their Fly-Fi option surfs the web at a much quicker rate than the other three providers.

The airline says that there's still a lot of testing to be done, and the FAA still needs to come in and do a series of certification tests before the service can be put to public use. Currently, a large number of airlines have WiFi available, but you usually have to pay a small fee in order to get it. JetBlue will be one of the few airlines to offer free WiFi on board.