Jenga Pistol For Those Who Wish To Shoot Their Way Out [Video]

A designer by the name of Matthias Wandel had an idea. Not that he was the first person to think of this idea, but he's certainly the first one to execute it in a way that found our eyeballs. More than likely if he aims it right, it'll be blasting out eyeballs in a very real way, too. This is the Jenga Pistol. Using simple mechanics, wood, a bit of metal, and a rubber band, this Wandel has created a completely awesome cheat tool, a real world hack, for the block toppling game Jenga.

Take a peek at this video and learn from the man himself how to create this masterpiece (actually, it turns out this is version number three!) If I'm not mistaken, the actual hardcore rules for Jenga (depending on what sort of a hardcore player you might be) say you've got to use your fingers and no tools, but I'd love to have a match where you were only allowed to use guns (and knives?) That'd be just lovely.

[Via OhGizmo!]