Jelly Bean now on over 10% of Android devices

Although Android is up to version 4.2 Jelly Bean, Gingerbread has been the long-running winner in terms of distribution. Although most Android users still use Gingerbread, it's distribution has fallen below the 50-percent mark. At the same time, the number of Android devices running Jelly Bean has broke through the 10-percent threshold.

This information comes via the Android Dashboard, and is the compilation of data that was gathered over the course of a two week period that ended today. It was determined by analyzing the Android version used by mobile devices as they accessed the Google Play Store starting on Friday, the 21st of December. You can check out the distribution via the graph above, which is arranged with the oldest versions of Android at the top.

Gingerbread clocked in at a total of 47.6-percent, a drop below the 50-percent mark that it has exceeded for over a year. The next iteration up, Honeycomb, has a very small distribution at 1.5-percent, followed by a big jump from that to Ice Cream Sandwich, which has 29.1-percent. Jelly Bean comes in just a hair over ten percent at 10.2-percent.

Likewise, information was collected on screen size and densities over one week that ended on October 1, 2012. Of the data collected, it seems the majority of Android users are on devices with a high density, normal sized screen (50.1-percent). The next largest group of users have devices with extra-high density and normal size (25.1-percent). Eleven percent of users have devices with medium density, normal sized screen configuations.

[via Android]