Jelly Bean boosts homescreen workability

This week Android 4.1 Jelly Bean was introduced at Google I/O 2012, with a full update of your homescreen interface. This update will increase your ability to move elements around in several ways, with automatic moving of icons when they're in the way, automatic resizing of widgets when they do not fit, and pushes back and forth in a much easier way. This update will come to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus first, and will be pushed ot the rest of the Android world soon.

This update to Jelly Bean includes elements from all around the Android device, including Bluetooth, accessibility, and language updates across the board. The camera has been boosted, there's Voice Recognition offline, and more! Stick around all day and week to see all of our I/O 2012 action, and hit the timeline below for more Jelly Bean as well!