Jeep confirms reveal date for 2022 Grand Cherokee 4xe

The pandemic has thrown a wrench in a lot of the plans that automakers have for revealing and building new vehicles. Stellantis had planned to reveal all the details on the 2022 Grand Cherokee, including the anticipated plug-in hybrid Grand Cherokee 4xe during the New York Auto Show, but that event was cancelled. That left Stellantis with an odd situation where it had teased the Grand Cherokee 4xe during its summit on electrified vehicles, but had offered no official launch date after the cancellation of the show in New York.

An official reveal date for the Grand Cherokee 4xe has now been confirmed where we will get all the details and presumably pricing information. The reveal date is September 29. We had photos of the 4xe from the event previously, one of which is seen above. However, we didn't get details on what the vehicle would have as far as a powertrain.

It would make sense for Jeep to recycle the 4xe powertrain from the Wrangler for its larger SUV. If that is what happens, we will see a plug-in hybrid powertrain with 375 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque. The existing powertrain would be capable in the larger platform. You can bet that Jeep will continue to offer the normal V6 and the V8 as options in the Grand Cherokee.

Whether or not the Grand Cherokee 4xe would be offered in 4-wheel drive only or in 2-wheel-drive as well is a mystery. Considering where the 4xe is positioned in the Wrangler hierarchy, we'd expect it to be one of the more expensive trims for the Grand Cherokee. Battery size is a mystery, but considering the Grand Cherokee is larger than the Wrangler, perhaps a larger battery could be fitted.

The Wrangler 4xe has a very short electric only driving range. If the same battery size is used in the Grand Cherokee 4xe as is used in the Wrangler, the all-electric driving range would be terrible with the additional weight sucking more power to drive.