Jawbone UP app update connects you to Facebook Open Graph

This week the folks at Jawbone have made their UP band a more social device with an update to its iOS app and connectivity with Facebook Open Graph. The Jawbone UP device itself is out on the market now and has been for some time – $129 for a lovely little strap that fits around your wrist and makes you a much more responsible fitness fanatic. This set of updates includes two major pushes for an active lifestyle with Multiple Sleep Alarms and the ease of connecting with your friends on Facebook – like a snap!

The iOS app update is live right this minute for those of you working with a Jawbone UP and an iPhone. This update is free, of course, and includes the two bullet-points we're having a chat about here, starting with Multiple Sleep Alarms. Where before this week your alarm system was a bit more limited, you're now able to set up multiple Smart Sleep alarms with 10, 20, and 30 minute custom wakeup windows.

With Facebook Open Graph integration you'll be able to share your UP events and accomplishments with all of your best Jawbone buddies. Sharing via Facebook includes data from your workout plan and action, sleep schedule, food, drink, and everything in-between. Perhaps most important of all in this situation is the fact that your sharing will be selective – only the items you want to share will be shared, this as Jawbone notes avoiding "clogging up your Timeline" as it were.

The images above and below show how your newly Facebook-friendly Jawbone UP device and iOS app will be working with you through the future. The integration you're seeing here is all up to you, you choose how much or how little you share or if you share anything at all, and of course you can take the device off your wrist at any time – be free! And make sure you don't sleep through that Jawbone alarm – consider wrapping it around your ear, perhaps (at your own risk!)