Jawbone UP Android app available now on Google Play

Chris Burns - Mar 19, 2013, 11:04pm CDT
Jawbone UP Android app available now on Google Play

Today the Android app for the device known as Jawbone UP is available for the first time. Before now, the Jawbone device was only able to connect to iOS devices – notably the iPhone – but you’ll now be able to work with any and all current Android devices, Samsung to HTC, Motorola, LG, and back again. This move will expand the Jawbone UP universe vastly, with millions of Android users joining the big Google mobile party daily.

With the release of the UP app for Android you’ll find massive amounts of new users joining the Jawbone UP community, this push joining up with added availability for the device across the planet. Jawbone has also announced that UP will be available in Europe this month, with Asia, Australia, and parts of the Middle East coming up for availability next month.


If you download the Android app today, you’ll have only to purchase the actual Jawbone UP device from your favorite retailer or straight from Jawbone itself online. This device will cost you $129 USD or comparable amounts of cash depending on where you live. If you’re all about getting in on the party with a preview before you head out to grab the device for yourself, you’ll want to see our extended coverage, of course!


Have a peek at the timeline below for every bit of Jawbone UP action you could possibly need, including our own hands-on experiences. And be sure to hit up the SlashGear Jawbone tag portal for more Jawbone action through the future, too!

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