Jawbone MyTALK hacked: Names, emails and encrypted passwords stolen

Chris Davies - Feb 13, 2013, 4:56am CST
Jawbone MyTALK hacked: Names, emails and encrypted passwords stolen

Jawbone has notified some users that its MyTALK service has been hacked, with the cloud app and firmware update platform supposedly seeing names, emails, and encrypted passwords raided. The security hack was revealed in an email to registered users today, warning them that “limited user information” had been stolen, though suggesting that there was no sign of any unauthorized use of that login data, or access to account information, that Jawbone could see.

Jawbone launched the MyTALK service back in 2010, alongside the ICON Bluetooth headset, as a way to deliver not only firmware updates to its Bluetooth-enabled products, but add cloud-based services. For instance, Jawbone allows headset users to add number speed-dials to the multifunction button via MyTALK, as well as change the voice of the spoken command prompts.

As a response to the hack, Jawbone has disabled existing passwords and users must reset them if they want to log back into MyTALK. Technical details are yet to be revealed, with the company only saying that it was an “isolated attack on our system.”

Jawbone is keen to point out in its message that the passwords taken were encrypted, and as such the actual passwords themselves weren’t revealed. We’ve got a request in for more information from Jawbone and will update when we know more.

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