Jawbone JAMBOX LiveAudio Update Hands-On

Today Jawbone has announced a software update to their JAMBOX, a bluetooth speaker which we've previously reviewed quite positively. This new update includes what's called LiveAudio and is included with the totally free JAMBOX Software Update 2.0 available on the JAMBOX companion webpage MyTALK. We've got our hands on this brand new software update and have been busting it out on our JAMBOX review unit for not only optimization across the platform, but a totally new three-dimensional sound that brings the JAMBOX to a whole new sound level.

What LiveAudio does is add depth, detail, and "unprecedented spacial realism" to your audio experience that works to enhance the audio you've got in your library right this minute as well as future JAMBOX-centric downloads. These Spatial DSP sounds can be compared to the rich sound of high-quality headphones, binaural audio recordings now blasting your face from this cool little box – the next best thing to actually being there at the live music session.

Once we had the software downloaded (you can grab the download immediately if not soon by heading to http://mytalk.jawbone.com/) all we had to do is press and hold the "-" and "+" buttons on top of the JAMBOX unit itself and BAM – LiveAudio. Generally we've found the effect of the patent-pending digital signal here in the LiveAudio update works best inside a 2-foot radius, outside this radius and you're talking essentially the same audio quality as before the update – but note, this quality is certainly still high quality.

Jawbone JAMBOX explained (from our our original review):

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What makes this speaker system awesome is, beyond the sound quality of course, the whole ecosystem surrounding the hardware. The MyTalk system alone adds major value as it offers a whole collection of apps ready for download on your mobile device that'll work in a totally optimized way with the speaker system. What JAMBOX is announcing today to add MORE value to the situation is 7 new AudioApps including Mobster, Arcade, Baseball, her & hers Valentones, New Years, and holiday. Three new separate software updates are also available immediately if not soon including battery announcements, quiet power on/off, and mic-mute.

As all current owners of the JAMBOX should know, this update will be available to you soon, for those of you purchasing the JAMBOX in the future will have the update available for download immediately as well, and just as free as it is for current owners of the unit. Also if you've got any questions on how the JAMBOX works, sounds, or feels, head to our original review or ask away here!