Jawbone Jambox BIG details leaked

A brand new Jambox may be on the horizon, this time twice the size of its predecessor and just as bright for mobile devices. This device is a massively impressive speaker for smartphones in its first iteration, last seen here on SlashGear in a demonstration of Qualcomm technology at CES 2012, of all places. This new Jambox Big is being detailed as a 10.1 x 3.2 x 3.7-inch monster weighing in at 2.7lbs and another 2 hour boost of battery power over the original beattastic tiny speaker.

This new slightly larger version of the speaker has a model number J2011-03-US and has a 60 inch USB cable and a lovely 3.5mm audio jack included. This device has the same 33 foot range as the original and will "fill up any room with unbelievable sound" just as well as the original. We must assume that this version of the speaker will have more power than the original in one way or another aside from battery life, but you never know!

[vms 55c435ef4fe9965a3f2a]

You can check out our several workings with the Jambox in the past including its updates that've come down the pipe since its first release. You'll want to take a look at the future of this product as well: Jambox is a bigtime awesome speaker system from Jawbone and wont be going away any time soon. Big Jambox or Jambox BIG will be made for the home, where the original Jambox is for mobile – let's get stationary!

[via Android Police]