Jasper Transducer Cell Speaks Your Language

Have a look at what amounts to a really odd concept and a surprisingly radical new look at how a mobile phone aught to be shaped. The official name that the designer of this product has chosen is "Transducer Mobile Phone Concept" – true to conceptual industrial design form, of course. As the designer's name is Jasper Hou and he's added his name as a brand on the device, we're going to go ahead and keep calling it the Jasper Transducer.

This device, as you're soon to find out, allows you to translate your calls rather than just translate your voice in person. This is a function that Google will almost certainly look into for future versions of Google Translate as they've already got their in-person translation well underway. Can you imagine? Call up Australia Bart Simpson style and actually understand what they're saying! – Just kidding, this device does not work with Australian accents.

What it DOES do is work with GPS, has a transparent LCD display, multiple color options for the case in the single phone (since it's all lights,) and has a scan-to-translate function for all your sign and book reading needs. Furthermore it's got at least one camera, notification light bar, and just for fun let's say it runs on Android. Clearly it's still so far back on the assembly line that it doesn't need to specifically run anything, but the way the icons are arranged over the display, I'd root for Android all day long. It can do anything!

What do you think? Next Nokia phone? How about Windows Phone 7?

[via Yanko Design]